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About AK

AK Bollywood Dance is a renowned dance school operating for almost 10 years. 


We offer classes for all ages, working with students to break down barriers and boost their confidence through dance, no matter what age they are. 


These dance classes help students to build confidence, self-esteem and gain knowledge about Indian art and culture


Our toddler’s class are extremely fun and help build strong relationships by having parent-child workshops at the end, and ladies fitness classes have promoted exercise in a fun way, making those who don’t go to the gym prioritise their health. 


With exceptional choreography, teaching and producing skills, students have excelled their way to gain stage confidence and opportunities into theatre.


Meet The Team

Archana Kumar


From competitions to classes and theatre productions, Archana Kumar has become a huge success in her field. Starting dancing at a young age, she turned her passion into a business, winning a range of high profile competitions along the way. Titled ‘Battle of Bollywood UK Champion’ at the UK Boogie Woogie competition and the Madhuri Dixit ‘Dancing Queen’ at the Yash Raj Aaja Nachle competition with B4U and BBC Asian Network. 


In April 2011, she has utilised her exceptional choreography and teaching skills to open her own dance school, teaching over 1,000 students in a range of different classes and a team of professional choreographers.


Over the decade, her successes have reached amazing heights. She has written and directed the UK smash hit Bollywood theatre production ‘Mrs Kapoor’s Daughter’s Wedding’ - highlighting the comical side of planning and executing a big Asian wedding. Since the beginning, the production has seen 27 sell out shows and is well on track to having many more, with over 40,000 people coming to watch the drama and dancing unfold.

Throughout her years as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and producer, her drive to open more doors for British Asian’s in theatre stays the same. 


Archana's passion is to break down barriers for students and boost their confidence through dance, theatre and arts, no matter what age they are. 


Anjali Janani

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK ⁣⠀
Favourite Food⁣⠀
Pani Puri (Bombay street food junkie) ⁣⠀
Favourite Bollywood Track ⁣⠀
Currently – Ve Maahi (beautiful track) ⁣⠀
I enjoy creative hobbies such as sketching, playing the piano and reading a good novel, and I recently developed a hobby for baking/cooking. ⁣⠀
Inspirational quote: ⁣⠀
‘She believed she could, so she did’. This is a constant reminder that anything is possible if you believe. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, I remind myself of this! ⁣⠀
Advice to Dancers ⁣⠀
Don’t be afraid to try something new and become versatile; not only will you push your dancing skills, but you will grow a sense of confidence that you stepped out of your comfort zone. Finally, remind yourself of how dancing makes YOU feel every time, and enjoy each and every moment of it.⁣⠀


Ushmi Gami

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK⁣⠀
Favourite Food⁣⠀
Chips with lots of chilly sauce  ⁣⠀
Favourite Bollywood Track ⁣⠀
Currently Makhna! Such a lovely track!⠀
I like reading, cooking and trying new recipes and go to the gym when I can! ⠀
 Inspirational quote ⁣⠀
⁣”I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” Anne Frank⠀

I really like this quote because it motivates me to look at the best in all situations  ⠀
Advice to Dancers ⁣⠀
Dance because you are curious and because you enjoy dancing! When you ⁣change your focus to what you can deliver on stage, confidence will shine through. ⠀



Rupal Thakrar

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK⁣⠀

Favourite food⠀
Nachos with lots of cheese and jalapeños (my guilty pleasure)⠀

Favourite bollywood track⠀
Old school: Choti si asha ( from Roja reminds me of my childhood )⠀
New school: Lambherghini⠀

Fitness - love the gym and pushing myself to build my strength, endurance and power.⠀
Spending quality time with my friends and family.⠀
Love dancing (obviously) and being creative with choreography and teaching

Inspirational Quote⠀
There are many quotes that I love but a very simple quote I genuinely live by is...“work hard, play harder”⠀

Advice to Dancer⠀
Dancing is an opportunity to express yourself, challenge yourself and be creative... don’t hold back and give it your all!⠀



Khushi Gami

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK⁣⠀⠀

Favourite Food
Has to be Thai food especially pad Thai noodles ⠀

Favourite Bollywood Track
Currently on repeat Illegal Weapon 2.0 - Street dancer ⠀

Other than dancing, I love to paint and sketch . Trying to read and cook more! ⠀
Inspirational quote - Whenever I feel like doing something new this always motivates me : ⠀

‘If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but not the goal’ ⠀

Best advice to dancers

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in dance, if you can’t do it first time round try it again, practicing helps perfect techniques you may not be confident in and you’ll see the result when you dance again. ⠀



Jaya Varsani

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK⁣⁣⁣
Favourite Food⁣⁣
Peanut butter! I love peanut butter on anything! Toast, stirfry, Kitkat chunky you name it!⁣⁣
Favourite Bollywood Track⁣⁣
Has to be Chaiya Chaiya - I’m a sucker for classic old school Bollywood⁣⁣
Dancing, sketching, reading, cooking, gym and new one blogging⁣⁣
Inspirational Quote⁣⁣
I love too many quotes but two I currently live by:⁣⁣
‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ must read book⁣⁣
‘Nobody who ever gave their best regretted it’ George Halas⁣⁣
 Advice to Dancers⁣⁣
Let yourself go with the flow of the music, and smile whilst you enjoy moving around a space and filling it with energy you have created through joy and movement- own it. 


Reeya Patel

Professional Dancer and Choreographer at AK⁣

Favourite Food⁣
A comforting jacket potato with cheese and beans ⁣

Favourite Bollywood Track ⁣
O saki saki, big Nora fan⁣

I like to play the keyboard and experiment with cooking and trying new foods ⁣

 Inspirational quote ⁣
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”⁣
- This has always been one of my favourite quotes, it reminds you to stay positive and to never let anything stop you⁣

Advice to Dancers ⁣
Always push yourself to new boundaries, don’t give up when things get tough as the change begins at the end of your comfort zone. Nothing is more rewarding than when you’ve faced and beaten a challenge⁣.

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